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Black male farmer holding a box of leafy greens

Become a Farmer-Member

Mercado Popular prides itself on providing farmers with a broader reach and being part of a system that honors generational farming knowledge. We give farmers a platform and promote them as leaders in the community.

Leaf Pattern Design



Gain a larger customer base without added staff, travel or expense.


Gain access to space so you can teach and facilitate workshops at no cost to you. Each consumer pays for the workshop, you keep a portion of the proceeds.


Sell your goods in our store, as part of our CSA program, or both!


Grow your business without the expense of additional equipment or staff.


Done for you CSA program - we market the CSA program, fill the bags, and distribute them for you.


Make an impact on the local community & lower your environmental impact!


By becoming a farmer member you are helping to feed a community that is currently under-resourced. Hartford is recognized as a food desert, an area where getting groceries is difficult and fresh food is scarce.  You are creating a healthier community by distributing your fresh, healthy products to a wider customer base while dismantling food insecurity and food apartheid in Hartford.  You'll be a part of helping educate people about the benefits of healthy eating and farm-fresh products, as well as lowering your environmental impact by reducing travel to farmers’ markets all over the state.

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